Even more liberal immaturity

In case you didn’t get enough of the “Some Enchanted Evening” or “Sarah Palin makes me wanna barf!”, I would also like to let you know that Vanity Fair is apparently letting 12 year olds write articles about how absolutely hilarious it would be if President Obama appointed Anita Hill to replace Justice Souter.  That would really show that nasty old black guy!  (ht: The Anchoress)

 I’d like to see President Obama appoint Brandeis University law professor Anita Hill. She’s reasonably young, smart, and—after her ordeal testifying at Clarence Thomas’s 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearing—she certainly understands politics as well as law.

That’s what we’re looking for, right?  “Reasonably smart”?  For a Supreme Court justice. 

Last night was not the first time I fantasized about Anita Hill getting the nod for the Supreme Court. It occurred to me back in early December, when I was still giddy from Obama’s victory. In a burst of brazenness, I wrote to Professor Hill and asked if she had considered the notion.

Wow- not the sort of thing I fantasize about.  But maybe that’s just me. 

Even if she doesn’t want it, I still think she’d be great. To use her phrase, there’s such “potential for healing.” I want the still ranking member of the Judiciary Committee Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) to finally treat Hill with the respect she deserves. I want Hill confirmed with more votes than Thomas. And, mostly, I want Hill to counter Thomas’s continued assaults on personal freedoms and equality.

Revenge.  Constitutional knowledge, experience, writing ability, reasoning ability, etc- those might be nice (but not nice enough for me to mention anywhere in my article), but what I really want  in a supreme court appointment is pure revenge. 

At an Ohio townhall in March 2008, then-candidate Obama was asked if he’d appoint a woman to the Supreme Court. At first, he stepped back to describe what he’d be looking for in general. “I want my judges to understand that part of the role of the Court is to look out for people who don’t have political power, the people who are on the outside, the people who aren’t represented, the people who don’t have a lot of money, who don’t have connections. That’s the role of the Court,” Obama said. “And, yes, I want a woman on the Court. Absolutely,” he added.

Sounds like Anita Hill to me.

Well, revenge and a vagina.  Vaginas are important, too.  Reasoning ability- well, I’m sure that she has that, too- I mean, I’m so sure that I don’t have to offer any evidence of it or anything, you should just assume it.  Because of the vagina.  Unless she has 5 kids and runs the country’s largest state, but then, of course, she’d be a psuedo-woman with herpes

From the comments:

Yeah, this will be awesome payback for those petty, vindictive Republicans appointing Paula Jones to the court.

Posted 5/1/2009 by Mgmax

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