I’d just like to say

How right I was about the president’s correct choice to skip out on the UN”s conference on racism. 

Here’s how it went down:

Ahmadinejad did not fail to disappoint. He took this racism conference as an opportunity to lash out against Israel and the United States. He said that the Holocaust was a “pretext” for aggression, Israel is a “racist” nation and the Western world is responsible for the current financial crisis. He added that “world Zionism personifies racism.”

Folks, what else did you expect? This is nothing new. We know that this mad Muslim, Ahmadinejad, has about as many loose screws as Kim Jong-Il. And you expect this guy to engage in a lucid and constructive discussion on international race relations? If that doesn’t make you lose faith in the United Nations, I just don’t know what to tell you.

Some Western nations had the gonads to walk out on Ahmadinejad’s speech. Good. If Obama had been there, I would hope to Hillary that he would have done the same.

The only downside is that we’ll never know if he would have.  Would have liked to see it, but I wouldn’t have held my breath after the whole Summit of the Americas failure to make it a brouhaha we just saw.  But good job, Mr. Obama, for not getting us into that position in the first place.


One Response

  1. I think it was completely inappropriate for Ahmadenejad to be giving this speech. All the UN has is its reputation, and this reputation has been severely damaged with this spectacle. Maybe it is a lot of fun to see israel be whipped by A., but too many people depend for their survival on the UN, too many are affected by racism (not in the least those in Iran) to let this clown do his one and only trick and jeoapardize the whole conference. A. is guilty of the same self-centerness as Israel and the US. By not participating, or by giving such an inflammatory speech (we are lucky they made him take out the holocaust denial) they completely disregard the needs of the people this conference was made for.
    I completely disagree with Israel’s actions. But that doesn’t make me a fan of Ahmadinejad. He actually did an enormous disservice to the palestinian cause. Israeli hard liners couldn’t have wished for a better display and a better reason to aggravate the conflict. I am starting to think A. is zionist’s biggest supporter.
    Ban ki moon should be made to resign over letting this happen. It was not good for anything, except for those that want more conflict, war and bloodshed.


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