I’m going to have to agree with the president on this one

The Boston Globe has a piece criticizing Obama for refusing to attend the United Nation’s international conference on racism. 

So, right away, I’m skeptical.  What do you really think would be accomplished at a UN Conference on racism?  The likelihood of this solving any actual problems seems slim indeed.  Even with low expectations in mind, the author still offers very little. 

President Barack Obama’s position on attending the conference translates roughly into: Do it our way or we won’t play. He has already gotten all references to Israel, to reparations for slavery, and to a proposed ban on speech defaming any religion dropped from the conference’s draft document. Yet, he is still unwilling to have the United States attend. Even if the administration bullies its way into getting its final points, it is not really a win for the United States.

“Do it our way or we won’t play.”  Yeah, I’m failing to see the problems there.  Moreover, Obama had them remove reference to Israel, reparations for slavery, and a proposed ban on speech defaming religion?  Our Obama?  Assuming we’re talking about the same person here, I’m very impressed.  Great job, Mr. President!

Despite the harm his threat of a boycott is doing, his administration continues its power play. State Department Spokesman Robert A. Wood said the United States would reengage in the conference only if its document meets our criteria. The main remaining objection is to a section reaffirming the declaration of the 2001 UN conference on racism.

That 2001 declaration contains statements many Israelis consider hostile. Obama seems to be adopting a policy of killing the messenger rather than dealing with the message.

Does the writer here really understand the phrase “killing the messenger?”  Usually that refers to a message that the messenger has no control over, not one that the “messenger” is specifically “reaffirming.” 

Meanwhile, the Black Caucus is trying to persuade the administration to attend, but without great success so far. In a meeting with State Department officials, the Caucus asked the obvious question: Why not just reject the parts of the document Obama cannot support, and go to the conference anyway? There is nothing radical about that.

So, I was thinking about going to a KKK rally.  I’ll just reject all the parts about inferiority of non-white races.  There’s nothing radical about that. 


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